Sunday, October 21, 2007

Antique Victorian Dollhouse

This magnificent dollhouse was auctioned on eBay today. As someone who loves to restore old dollhouses, it was an incredibly tempting offer (Alas! If I could only afford the $9.300.95!)

This dollhouse comes with its share of history. The seller's father had bought it in the 1960's in London. The antique dealer he bought it from claimed that this house had spent 50 years or so in a storage at Sotheby's. Apparently, it was left there at the end of the 19th century!

My favorite has got to be the faux-parquet floor and detailed wood carvings! Bon Voyage my good house, and I wish you find a family that will love you for a hundred years more!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Victorian Dollhouse! I LOVE antique Victorian Dollhouses!!

Laurie said...

Excellent! Thanks for posting the photos. I've just started restoring a simpler version (in much worse condition) of the same kind of dollhouse, and seeing these closeup shots will help me immensely. If you're interested in seeing my progress, my blog is

Thanks! Laurie