Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dollhouse Animation

This stop-motion animation was part of my MFA project at The University of Texas at Dallas. It was filmed inside the Garfield Manor I have been building since last year. The Heidi Ott dolls were bought and costumed specially for the project: their ball-jointed articulation made them the perfect mini actors for my movie!

To read more about the creation of the animated movie, visit http://dollhouseanimation.blogspot.com


milo said...

pure, pure magic. I'm in awe, really.

Kathy Calhoun said...

The music, plus the animation itself, is most seductive....makes me wonder what the actual emotion is...please, leave a secret.

Kellie said...

ooh, so moody and brooding. It was very easy to forget that they were dolls in a dollhouse! Well done!

Lenor said...

Lenor said....Wow! Sexy minis! Your video is captivating and bewitching! I'd love to have something like that filmed inside my mini cottage.