Thursday, September 07, 2006

Million Dollar Dollhouse

This Italian Baroque miniature building is eight-and-one-half-feet long, two stories tall consisting of 10 rooms viewed from front and back. Upper and lower “Grand Halls” are two-tone travertine marble, including stairway, containing over 2000 of the world’s finest handmade miniatures of art objects, furniture and paintings by top artisans from 31 countries, massed over a 42-year period. Some objects are two and three centuries old, 35 to 40% of other objects are antique, depicting “17th century through Art Deco” period.

It is valued at $1.6 million (US) .
Additional discription and images are located at:

Grand Stairs

Upper Grand Hall

Front Cove: 19th Century bronze statue in cove, right side of entrance

Outside Front Steps: 18th Century lions of bronze on “tish” marble.

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