Thursday, January 18, 2007

Miss Mary

Today is the birthday of the latest member of my dollhouse, Miss Mary! She is the quiet lady's companion ~ a bit of a bluestocking ~ though a romantic at heart. She wears her hair in a loose bun, while a cascade of dark curls flows down her back.

Miss Mary has soft dreamy hazel eyes and pink pouting lips. Her earrings and necklace are made of two-toned beads: green that matches her skirt with a hint of garnet. She is dressed in a modest long skirt and a long-sleeved blouse, which matches her shy persona.


Cre8 said...

Wow your dolls have a style of their own. I would now be able to tell your work anywhere I think. I love the resemblence but the costuming is still what I am quite amazed by for such a newbie as you-be lol.

I like her better than Elizabeth but I do so love them both.

smehreen said...

I like her hair more, and I like Elizabeth's dress more! :D I like Mary's eyes more, and I like Lizzy's smile more! I think I still have a long way to go until my dolls come out with everything perfect! :D