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Friday, September 12, 2008

Fairy House ~ Julie McLaughlin

"This enchanting One Of A Kind fairy home is made from SOLID WOOD with a textural, 4 step paint and plastered exterior with natural BARK siding and twisty GRAPEVINE trim. A HAND-CARVED TREE SPIRIT embellishes the front suggesting the magic within. Window and door overhangs are made with CORK BARK and FUNGI. The wooden beam doors have antique CARVED white rosette doorknobs from old jewelry findings. The rounded windows are carved wood in a HONEYCOMB pattern. I shingled the roof with cedar shakes in a topsy-turvey pattern for whimsy, with several coats of stain and paint to acquire an aged look. ORB-topped spires sprout from each roof. Fantasy floral silk PASSION FLOWER vines climb the roof tops and determined my color choices for furnishings and decor. This home is intricately detailed on all four sides with many touches to be discovered!

"The 3 ROOM interior has plastered walls, faux stone floors and twig beam ceilings. All furniture is moveable with the exception of SHELVES, LIGHT FIXTURES, MINIS attached to furniture and MICRO HAND-PAINTED PICTURES.

"The decor is very dreamy and feminine in tones of white and green, with a few sparkly rhinestones and vintage laces, yet remains rustic, based on what a fairy could utilize in nature. Tiny LIGHT FIXTURES add a touch of TWINKLING AMBER LIGHT to several areas, enhancing the fantasy feeling........."

~ Julie McLaughlin


Anonymous Laure said...

This is breath taking! I want one just like that lol! ;)

Sep 16, 2008, 6:04:00 PM  
Blogger elle.mental said...

Very imaginative and delicately done!
elle mental

Jan 28, 2011, 2:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Viva said...

Where did you get your beautiful furniture?

Mar 17, 2017, 4:12:00 PM  

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