Sunday, November 16, 2008

The City Club ~ Robin Carey

This is the City Club! It was the first of the town house, row houses, and sits on the same block as the Bed & Breakfast hotel. The City Club is host to four different meetings of the finer pursuits in life.

On the first floor is the Ladies Literary Society. The members are currently discussing and reading copies of my two favorite books. The first, a novel entitled… The Ladies of the Club" by Helen Hooven Stantmyer: a 1176 page story of women’s lives in the aftermath of the Civil War. She wrote this book at the age of 88. The second book, "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" is a simple collection of personal thoughts, poems and observations of Edith Holden. Edith died at 49 years of age, when she accidentally lost her balance and drowned in the Thames River, reaching to pick flowers from a chestnut tree.

On the second floor is the Music Club. A mix of string and vocal is being performed today. A few members are missing as many also perform professionally, and scheduling overlaps often occur.

On the third floor are the public facilities, and enjoying themselves immensely are the members of the wine and cigar aficionados. This club always has a good turnout for their meetings. This club being of course, for male members only.

The Art Club prefers the tower room and the open inspiration of the city at its feet atop the roof. Many mediums are found in use for this creative and talented group. Clay sculpting, oil and water color painting are all found in use today.

~ Robin Carey


Anonymous said...

Hi Sumaiya, big fan of your blog here-- this Robin Carey house is wonderful! What model is it?

rbytsdy (Greenleaf forum)

smehreen said...

Dear rbytsdy,
:D... I asked Robin about the Kit but she could not recall exactly which model it was. If I come across more information, I would be sure to let you know.

Chanelle said...

Beautiful! And you should have never told me about how Edith died. That is horrible! I love my "Country Diary" and now my heart hurts for her. Again, the house is beautiful, though.