Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lighted Christmas Trees

I had bought two lighted Christmas Trees by Lemax. They run on batteries and have pretty little blinking lights! The lights are quite inconspicuous when unlit, so the trees can be decorated in any style you want. Since photographing them would not properly capture the lights blinking, I thought I'd take 5 second video clips of them inside my dollhouse.

Tall Tree

Small Tree

So, enjoy the video clips! Which tree do you like the most?


Cre8 said...

I like Tall Tree the most. Nice Blog Sumaiya. I saw the link on smallstuff and I wanted to take a peak. Very nice work. I love your houses and all the little miniatures in them.

Andrea Renee, Cre8

smehreen said...

Dearest Andrea,
Thank you for taking the time to look at the blog, and leaving a comment. I really appreciate your feedback, and it is very encouraging! :)
Please keep visiting the blog, and don't forget to share your dollhouse miniatures with the rest of us on the blog:)