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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Real Halloween Dollhouse!

This is the first blog entry without any pictures in it! It is because the photo that was supposed to be here killed my other computer. While my computer is being fixed by Shah, I'm writing this from my brother's computer. I tried uploading the photo from this computer several times, but failed. Twice, said the photo was uploaded successfully, but the blog itself doesn't show the photo! So, here it is...from my brother's computer... the story of the real halloween dollhouse.

It all started last week, when I asked my friend Vanessa to show me pictures of her dollhouse. She told me a story that sounded almost too strange to be true. I told her to email me the story, and before she went trick or treating with her children, she emailed me today. Here is her email:

This is one of the fascinating stories about my dollhouse. Apparently, she is very camera shy. A couple of years ago, I got everything set up in my dollhouse, just the way I wanted it. So, I decided to take a picture of her with a digital camera, so I could upload the pictures to my website. I took the pictures, uploaded them to my computer, looked at them once and they were fine. The next time I tried to open them, they wouldn't open at all. Other pictures that I took at the same time opened at the same time. Also, that computer had not one, but both its hard drives crash very soon after that.

I didn't realize there was anything wrong with taking pictures of my dollhouse, so I decided to take some digital video of it. When my friend tried to shoot some footage of me sitting in front of my dollhouse, the camera wouldn't work. I had just tested the camera five minutes before she got there and the video camera was working fine. That video camera has never worked right since then.

Last thing about the pictures, I was doing a project about things around the house and by then, I had already realized that the dollhouse wouldn't like her picture taken. I was taking pictures of handles and since the dollhouse is 3 feet high by 3 feet wide by 1 foot deep, she sits on top of my dresser. Accidentally, I took a picture of the corner of the dollhousewhile I was trying to get a high angle shot of the dresser drawer. Within a few weeks, my husband dropped the camera and broke the battery latch.The camera still works but he had to duck tape the opening and you still have to hold it shut or the battery won't connect.

Here is a picture of the dresser with the corner circled. I think it's mostly safe to view, since it's such a small piece of the dollhouse. She probably won't mind, too much.

Well, Vanessa! I guess your dollhouse did mind, since I couldn't upload the photo you sent me! For those of you who are curious, I managed to view the photo on my computer, since it came through OK over the email. In the picture, you could make out a sliver of the dollhouse's corner; and that looked pink! So, maybe another day I'll try uploading the photo from a different computer.


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