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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Email from Roberta

Every morning I wake up and wonder, did Roberta email me last night? Getting emails from Roberta is like finding a message in a bottle: they just make my day -- especially when they come with the much awaited photos of the dollhouse! Roberta sent me some more photos last night, and I will just let her email tell the story in her own words ...

Hi Dear Sumaiya,

I received some new items today so I'll send you a couple more
pictures. I still don't have the rugs for the children's room or
bathroom - but notice the rolling shades in the upstairs rooms. Also
the china on the table. I also have a Christmas skirt coming for the
tree and the parents have not been made yet. Also I have a rocking
horse coming for the children's room and I purchased some real cute
Christmas pillows for the furniture in the living room. I am going to
order the white set in cherry wood to match the dining room. I just
borrowed this set from another roombox.

Hugs, Roberta

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