Thursday, October 12, 2006

Custom Dolls, Houses and Miniatures

Our Pat Carlson has invited us to take a tour of her favorite dollhouse website:

For the Collector:
Maybe you are looking for unique food items for your miniature kitchen; a pillow to accent your Bespaq or Lundby sofa; a fireplace to warm your miniature library. CDHM offers the collector a visual catalog of some of the finest Artisan made original miniatures in the world, including dolls, dollhouses, fairies, foods, furniture, and a vast array of other miniatures that are limited only by the imagination of the Artists who create them!

For the Artists: is an online service that offers Artists of custom made miniatures a venue in which to display their unique miniature creations and commissioned services. They offer a showcase of custom art created by some of the most talented Artists in the field of miniatures.

To learn more, visit

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Pat said...

Hope all of you will visit and take advantage of the opportunities we are offering to artisans and collectors of miniatures! You would be most welcome...WWW.CDHM.ORG