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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Featured Artist: Karen Darmetko

It is my great privilege to introduce to you some of the wonderful mini roomboxes and dollhouses by Karen Darmetko. We met through the Smallstuff Digest, and I was greatly inspired by the stories behind her mini creations. Throughout Graduate School, Karen used to decorate eggshells. She moved on to miniatures when she was diagnosed with MS eleven years ago. Karen does not sell her miniatures, but makes them as gifts, or donates them to the church raffles.

Most of the vignettes are Christmas because Christmas is her favorite decorating theme! This Florida x-mas box was a gift for a young friend with two small sons whose grandfather dressed as Santa every year to visit rehab centers in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

The Sewing roombox was made for a friend who chose the pink dress as the focal point. The orange corset was included for her daughter who turned thirteen at the time with a budding interest for Victoria's Secret lingerie!

The Neurologist's Office was made by Karen for her doctor, as a show of appreciation, and to let him know how much she relies on her fingers/hands to pursue this hobby/obsession of hers! This is my favorite out of all her roomboxes ~ I laugh everytime I see the skeleton grabbing the doctor's shoulder!

This is one of the Alf Houses by Karen. Dozens of little alf figurines are having grand Christmas Parties, because Santa seems to be dyslexic and confused Alf with elf that year!

I am in love with the cheeky sense of humor in Karen's miniatures!


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