Monday, November 27, 2006

Babies and Teddy Bears

These precious little sculptures are by my very new friend, Andrea Renee, who I met through the Smallstuff Digest group. She describes herself as "a polymer clay, air dry clay and paper miniaturist and sculptor" who, in her words, loves to give others her "mini fever!" She makes one-of-a-kind Babies and Animals as well as the occasional art doll or fairy.

Want to see more of her work? Visit:


Cre8 said...

Smehreen I am so amazed that you wrote such a nice post about me here in your blog. I love it and feel very honored to have someone as talented as you enjoy my work as well as my friendship. I am glad we met through small stuff.

~Mini Hugs~

smehreen said...

Dear Andrea:
It is my honor and pleasure to write about your wonderful creations ... and above all, to find a friend in you who will always give me Mini Hugs whenever I need them ;)