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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Caitlin's Dollhouse by Katherine

This dollhouse was built by Katherine Johnson for her daughter Caitlin for her birthday. This enchanting house has brought this family many a joyful memory, and is now ready to be passed on to a different family. I am tempted beyond words to have the house all to myself, but will have to satisfy myself by showcasing it on my blog!

Two of my very favorite features of the house are the gazebo and the white swing on the porch. I always wanted a white swing set, for my real house. I am a book-worm, and I have to tell you, try reading your favorite book out on the swing on a sunny spring day! It is heaven! And the gazebo is the most perfect place to have tea with your friends, or stay out at night looking at the stars!

Let me introduce you to the family. There is Mama and Baby in the bedroom. Papa is in the living room. Little Sis is in her pretty little bedroom. Nanny is in the dining room, and Cook is getting dinner ready. And then there are the pet bunnies, the dogs and the hen with her chicks!

The furniture and the family is included when you buy the house. I love the lights and the furniture, especially the curio in the dining room and the chair in the little girl's room. I just put a few of my favorite photos here. If you want to see more photos, visit Katherine's website at:


Blogger Andrea said...

Hello, I came upon your blog while researching making my first dollhouse. I absolutely love what you have posted. I would like to make a dollhouse for my 7 year old and would appreciate any advice you have! I am completely new to this art form. I have three questions: Where do you find the beautiful dolls featured in your associate's "Caitlin's Dollhouse"? How do you attach the fabric for the walls of your houses? Lastly, I would like to build the Alison dollhouse with a conservatory addition. I am inspired by the pictures of Robin Carey's houses you posted, hope I can make custom changes that spruce it up a little like those houses. Thank you for sharing!


Feb 8, 2013, 1:44:00 AM  

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