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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dolls by Kellie Wachter

These are dolls by my friend Kellie Wachter. For those of you who know Kellie as a dollhouse miniaturist, these dolls are bigger than the dollhouse scale. Kellie sent me these photos for feedback, and since I adore anything she makes, I thought I'd ask your thoughts on her latest creations!

I love these dolls! ~ there, I said it! But you knew that already! The reason I love them even more is that they bring back wonderful memories from my childhood. My aunt made cloth dolls, and although they looked very different, Kellie's dolls, in my opinion, have an "old world" charm ~ a simplicity, innocence and soft warmth that modern dolls don't have. I think Kellie's choice of colors and fabrics for the dolls' dresses contributes to the vintage quality. That's all I can say from my novice point of view. So, I invite the connoisseurs of dolls to comment on Kellie's dolls!


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