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Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Egyptian Princess

This is my third baby ~ my Egyptian princess, Zeba.

My little Princess has dull golden curls and kissably pouting lips. Her soft gray eyes are filled with longing for the Prince of her dreams.

I had tremendous fun, working on my Egyptian Princess. She is my golden girl ~ her skin is dusted with golden glitters ~ her eyes are lined with Kohl and shimmery bronze shadow.

Her dress is made of the most gorgeous golden-bronze tissue fabric and beaded Indian lace. The front of her skirt is delicately folded and fans out like a sari.

The front of her blouse is adorned in faux gold and gems. Her matching armbands are reminiscent of traditional henna, which is such a favorite of mine! She also wears golden bangles, faux diamond earrings, and a beaded sash around her waist.

Dressing her hair was the most daunting and the most fun part of the entire ordeal! Where would I begin! My hubby, Shah, was teasing me the entire time because I couldn't stop braiding her long golden-bronze hair! She has a chignon atop her head, circled by a braid. The rest of her hair snakes down her back in a single long bejeweled braid.

She wears jewels in her hair. Her hair ornament is composed of three faux diamonds, and lined with clusters of golden beads. Strands of loose hair fall over her shoulder, and her matching earrings peek through. Along her braids are tiny bronze dots, and her braid is tied back with threads of gold.

How do you like my Princess? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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