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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fairy House ~ Patricia Cabrera

This is one of the enchanting fairy houses on eBay this week. Can you believe it is made out of a real mushroom? There is nothing conventional about this one-of-a-kind driftwood dollhouse. Here is a tour of the dollhouse given by the artist:

This OOAK faerie house was made entirely from natural sources. The house consists of a thick wooden floor, large driftwood as a support for the second floor; the upstairs floor is a GIGANTIC REAL mushroom that has been properly dried and preserved. The roof is made of individual pine cone shingles. The front of the house was constructed over the same drift wood that supports the second floor and walls. The walls are a mix of meticulously braided twigs, snake skins, tree roots, dried petals, crushed glass, tiny logs, moss, lichens, dried cactus skeletons, and many others. For the door , used an antique jewelry box lid that has a metal design of roses and butterflies. And of course, a snail door knob. Two seashells hold mini lights that light the doorway.

The bedroom. There you will find a dresser that was made with old barn wood, a little perfume sea shell sits on top of it, and a broken mirror as well. Her bed was rustically made with petals, moss, and sea shells adorning it. In a similar way I made a nightstand next to the bed. There is a wooden chair next to a stairway that leads to a loft. There is a mushroom as a ceiling and a hanging sea shell light.

The kitchen and it is probably my favorite. A loofah wall divides this room. There are a few shelves on the wall with sea shell tea pots, acorn bowls, and a sea shell picture. A wooden stove with a pipe is in the corner. And just like the bathroom there is a sea shell sink. A little broom rests in the corner. This room is also lighted the same way.

This is the room is the living room. The floors are skeleton leaves, topped with rocks and moss. I used loofah as a dry wall. The table is a real mushroom that was dried and sealed. Two wooden shelves are against the wall holding precious stone enchanted books. There is also a sea shell light fixture.

Next to the bedroom is her bathroom. A cactus leaf serves as the wall. A sea shell sink with tiny snail knobs and a branch as a faucet and a little stone serving as soap all adorn the room. There is a shower with tiny sea shell knobs, rock soaps, and skeleton leaf as a rug. A resting chair sits in the corner with a sea shell light above.

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