Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Etienne" by elfkin: Prussian Hussar doll

This handsome Prussian Hussar doll was dressed by Tara Ryan, our very own elfkin. This was a gift to her sweetheart ... how cute is that! I have been dying to see this doll ever since I heard of him. So, here he is, Etienne.

Hi Sumaiya,

Here are the pictures (finally) for my Prussian Hussar doll "Etienne". I thought I should include some background on this project as well:

The uniform is based on an 1815 Prussian 2nd Life Regiment Hussar. The sword is a miniature replica of the British/Prussian 1796 pattern Light Calvary Sabre. Etienne's red sash marks him as an officer. For his hairstyle and mustache I referenced the movie "The Duellists".

I used the original uniform for colour and detail references on the jacket and shako--I have also included those pictures. The basic miniature clothing pattern can be found in Sue Atkinson's "Making & Dressing Dolls' House Dolls" (David & Charles 1992) under the patterns for men chapter (pg 144).

Please feel free to post them to your blog. Enjoy!

-- Tara.

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