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Monday, December 11, 2006

My French Country Cottage

Welcome to my French Country Cottage! I finally finished working on it last night, and couldn't wait to post photos on my blog to share with you!

For this house, Shah and I chose a cooler color palette, which is very different from the warm colors we favored for the last few dollhouses. We were inspired by Debbie Travis' Painted House on HGTV.

Our inspiration for the color palette came from a fabric we bought. Instead of using wallpaper, we decided to experiment with fabric on the walls; the results were brilliant beyond our expectations! I decided to leave most of the divider wall white, and paint the door a baby blue to add a hint of playful informality. Above the main door is an intricately curved wooden detail that I painted in white and blue, and then distressed slightly to lend an aged look.

To match the bright and sunny mood of the country cottage, I stained the floor with light oak glossy finish varnish. Instead of electrifying this dollhouse, I chose to put simple wall sconces for candles in each room, to remain true to the rustic simplicity of the house.

I had the most fun decorating the front porch! I added a similar wooden curved panel above the front entrance, but this one is stained in light oak and stands out against the darker gray-blue wall color. The porch has mosaic done in white and gray tiles. The foundation is covered in stones and moss.

On both sides of the house, there are two trees with pink and yellow blossoms. The gnarly moss covered roots and the scraggly branches transport this quaint country cottage to a lazy summer's day in France.

This house is being auctioned right now on ebay. The link:

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