Friday, March 23, 2007

My Cafe Ole Cottage

This house is on eBay right now! Here is the link:

As I stood on my balcony this morning, enjoying the sweet breeze and spring blooms, I thought it was the perfect day for me to take pictures of my latest dollhouse, the Cafe Ole Cottage! My coffee-loving hubby, Shah, picked out the colors for me ~ needless to say, it was after a trip to Starbucks!

This dollhouse was an experiment of sorts; this was my first attempt at creating clay roof shingles. I used self-hardening Marblex clay and painted the roof with dark chocolate acrylic paint and a soft latte wash. My hats off to the paper-clay dollhouse artists: the process was indeed a test of my patience!

And now on to my love affair with fabric wallpaper! I discovered the perfect fabric to create my faux wood panels: it has a crackle print and comes in various colors. For this Coffee and Cream inspired home, I picked out fabrics in warm beige and pale coffee. The chair rail and moldings were created with lace, which was considerably cheaper than wood molding, and a lot easier to apply. I am in love with this combination: so much so, that I bought a yard more of the fabrics for my next dollhouse!

This house is on eBay right now! Here is the link:


casapinka said...

This dollhouse is beautiful. I can't believe that you made it yourself. I love all the little details and the wallpaper.

smehreen said...

Dear casapinka!
Thank you for your kind words. The roof was a labor of love, so I am really proud of it too! And I loved the wallpaper so much that I put the exact same on in my latest dollhouse! :)