Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shirley Temple doll by R. DeLauey

This tiny 1" Shirley Temple doll was created by R. DeLauey in 1982. She has the Shirley Temple attitude, holding her dress out with her hands and her legs looking like they may do a dance step at any moment. Snuggled in her head of the tiniest real hair ringlet curls, is a thin red band tied in a bow to match the red trim in her perfectly pleated, white lace dress. Her shoes and socks are painted on with that same red band around the sock top. This doll was part of Sue Narr's estate dollhouse, and recently sold for about $270 on eBay.


The Carolina Quilter said...

Wow! What an heirloom piece and I love the ringlet curls.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

anastasia said...

makes one wonder what else was found at the estate sale.