Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hagrid's Hut ~ Rik Pierce & Sally Wallace

This is part of the Harry Potter series of dollhouses by Rik Pierce and Sally Wallace. In keeping with the size of the friendly giant, it is 1.25 times the size of 1:12 scale. So all the furniture and accessories had to be large to also meet the needs of this special gamekeeper.

To view more photos of Hagrid's Hut, visit the website of Sally Wallace:

To view the amazing creations by Rik Pierce, visit:


kimsminiatures said...

Sumalya, Thanks so much for always sharing such wonderful miniatures. This is amazing. I love harry potter and this is just perfect. Mini hugs!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Thanks Kim :D ... I corresponded with Sally Wallace today asking for her permission to feature the Hut, and she was so nice!

Never Enough Time said...

This is wonderful. Oh how fun it would be to take a class from Rik Pierce!

Marilyn said...

OMGoodness... what realism!! I just love your blog!!

Emma Halpin said...

Love the detail, here is my attempt at one