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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Tour of Titania's Palace

Danish children's book author Shane Brox guides you through one of the most beautiful dollhouse palaces in the world; Titania's Palace. It was the name given to an intricately constructed edifice created by British peer Sir Nevile Wilkinson as a dwelling place for the Fairy Queen Titania, inspired by his small daughter Guendolen's imagination. The Palace, which includes more than 3,000 pieces of miniature furniture and treasures, took almost 30 years to complete and was officially inaugurated by Queen Mary in 1922. It was exhibited throughout the world and raised the equivalent of 60 million danish kroner for the benefit of deprived and handicapped children, before it was sold by Guendolen in the late 60's. As her father, she had a good heart too and the entire sales of the palace was donated to a children's home. Today the palace can be visited at Egeskov castle in Denmark.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This plump turkey sitting on a platter of figs, apples and berries, hails from the kitchen of artist Kiva Atkinson. The rest of the sumptuous feast consists of butternut squash soup, mashed potatoes and maple glazed mixed squash, the chestnut/cranberry dressing, and the cutest, sweetest pumpkin pie decorated with pastry leaves!

For more wonderful minis by Kiva Atkinson, visit:
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Betsy Niederer on the Martha Stewart Show

If you have missed the episode of the Martha Stewart show where mini food artist Betsy Niederer appears and shows you how to make the wonderful Christmas cookie ornaments, here is the link to watch it online:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The City Club ~ Robin Carey

This is the City Club! It was the first of the town house, row houses, and sits on the same block as the Bed & Breakfast hotel. The City Club is host to four different meetings of the finer pursuits in life.

On the first floor is the Ladies Literary Society. The members are currently discussing and reading copies of my two favorite books. The first, a novel entitled… The Ladies of the Club" by Helen Hooven Stantmyer: a 1176 page story of women’s lives in the aftermath of the Civil War. She wrote this book at the age of 88. The second book, "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" is a simple collection of personal thoughts, poems and observations of Edith Holden. Edith died at 49 years of age, when she accidentally lost her balance and drowned in the Thames River, reaching to pick flowers from a chestnut tree.

On the second floor is the Music Club. A mix of string and vocal is being performed today. A few members are missing as many also perform professionally, and scheduling overlaps often occur.

On the third floor are the public facilities, and enjoying themselves immensely are the members of the wine and cigar aficionados. This club always has a good turnout for their meetings. This club being of course, for male members only.

The Art Club prefers the tower room and the open inspiration of the city at its feet atop the roof. Many mediums are found in use for this creative and talented group. Clay sculpting, oil and water color painting are all found in use today.

~ Robin Carey


Friday, November 14, 2008

The Bed & Breakfast Hotel ~ Robin Carey

Welcome to the Bed & Breakfast, now housed within the San Franciscan townhouse by Robin Carey. I was introduced to the residents of the hotel by Robin, and thought you would like to know them too ...

"The Bed & Breakfast hotel has been in business as long as most can remember. It is owned by Mrs. Violet Lavender Primrose Cholomondley (pronounced Chumley) born in England and brought to America as a young girl. She is fondly known as Granny C.

It is a warm and friendly environment, with many guests returning each year. Granny C. runs the place with minimal staff, having only Mrs. Dusty Scrubbard Bridges for service, and Miss Elsie May Dawdle for cleaning.

It has always been rumored that perhaps a ghost or two may have been haunting the hotel. Guests have reported missing items as well as noises at night about the house over the years. Truth be told, an old tramp named Nigel has been living in the tower room for most of his life, or at least since Granny C. said he could.

Staying for the night were one older couple in route to the start of the trip around the world they had planned and saved for all their married lives, which number 52 as of last night! Good for them!

On the same floor, another couple just starting their journey in married life. They celebrated their honeymoon the same night.

Third floor guests included a young mother traveling with her small daughter, to visit an Aunt. Truth is she might not be going back home at all! Seems she cried half the night to Granny C. telling about her failing marriage. Granny C. is hoping for the best. The young salesman checked out this morning, off to an early start. The ambition of youth, Granny C. says. His room being barley more than a hallway with a bed, but Granny C. knows that money can be tight, and makes available a comfy bed, and top notch food for all her guests.

The young salesman checked out this morning, off to an early start. The ambition of youth, Granny C. says. His room being barley more than a hallway with a bed, but Granny C. knows that money can be tight, and makes available a comfy bed, and top notch food for all her guests.

The food is actually so acclaimed that many people, who are not even guests at the hotel, just come to the dining room for the fine cuisine. Granny C. also never minds about old Henry, who shows up every morning just to read his paper in peace. His children both moved back home with the grandchildren, and there isn’t a quiet spot in the house.

Speaking of the young people, the dear girl out front waiting for her transportation, is leaving home for the first time. She has been accepted to a university somewhere in the Midwest. She is the first woman in her family to have such an opportunity. We haven’t heard the last from her yet."

~ Robin Carey


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The San Franciscan by Robin Carey

The San Franciscan has always been a favorite of mine, and this one is made all the more special by the Midas touch of Robin Carey.


Sophie's Folly by Tara Ryan

Wanted to share with you the photos of Sophie's Folly, the San Franciscan dollhouse that was recently remodeled by my friend Tara Ryan (elfkin). The stained glass windows are my favorite!