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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Estelle by Alice Leverett

Estelle belongs to the Lasting Impressions Collection created by artist Alice Leverett. Estelle was designed to convey the 2001 UFDC Convention theme, "Starry Starry Night" and was entered in the category of Created by Exhibitor. She was awarded the blue ribbon for that category and then honored with the Presidents Choice Award.

To view detailed photos of Estelle's costume, visit:

The Lilac House of April and Yvonne

This San Franciscan dollhouse is the first 12th scale dollhouse made by my friend Yvonne Moxon. I fell in love with this house when I saw this photo ~ the glowing warmth of the lights calling me inside! I have always loved the San Franciscan for the detailed grillwork and trims in the front.

Truth be told, my favorite part in the entire house is the bathroom! With the Victorian tub, gilt mirror above the sink, the gorgeous chandelier, and meticulous attention to details, it is a tempting haven of relaxation at the end of a busy dollhouse day!

I can never tire of the lights in this house. Each one is beautiful in its own rights, and appears to be specially picked for that room decor. Another personal favorite is the mosaic on the kitchen floor.

To view more photos of this and other
projects by Yvonne Moxon, visit:

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Dollhouse on Gilmore Girls

You know you have turned into a dollhouse-maniac when you spend more time watching the dollhouse in the background than paying attention to the story. I was watching The Gilmore Girls a few weeks ago, when I saw their dollhouse! Ever since then I have been trying to find photos on-line of the dollhouse.

Today, I was very amused when I read my SmallStuff Digest, and a fellow member sent out a message asking about the Gilmore Girls' dollhouse! I had been thinking about sending a message myself last week, but felt shy ~ but now I know, I am not alone living the life of a dollhouse-fanatic!

Anyway, I found the photos at and I thought I'd share them with you. I hope there was a better shot of the dollhouse, but, alas, the dollhouse isn't one of the main characters! How sad! ...

... Just kidding! I love the show. I mean, who doesn't?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Featured Artist: Lucy Maloney

It is my privilege to introduce to you, artist Lucy Maloney, a fellow dog-lover, and an exceptional miniature artisan! Lucy's works have been featured in Dollhouse Miniatures magazine, and her little pets are displayed at the Puppenhaus Miniature Museum in Switzerland and the Rin Tin Tin Museum.

What makes Lucy's little pets special to me is that each dog seems to have its own special personality. Her minis are very life-like, but her skills go beyond excellence in craftsmanship to something more special in order to breathe life into these little pups.

To view more masterpieces by Lucy Maloney,
visit her website at:

The Lady With Her Dogs

Remember the Victorian Ladies featured on the 15th of January right here on the blog? My friend Lucy Maloney saw the photos and sent me this photo of her own. Apparently, she used one of the dolls to photograph her miniature dogs! It's such a small world!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Small People by Cecily

Each Small People by Cecily doll was handmade in her California studio with the utmost care and attention to detail. The head and limbs are cast in a special resin based medium molded from her original sculptures. The bodies are soft cloth and have a wire understructure to allow movement and positioning. All props, hats and costumes are handmade.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Miss Frobisher's Cottage

There was something about the faraway look on Miss Frobisher's eyes that made me go back to her photo. She reminded me of my mother staring out her kitchen window like she often does ~ she still calls me everyday before she sits down for dinner to make sure that I have had my meal.

Miss Frobisher's Cottage is the first dollhouse built by Grazhina from her own design. It is a little cottage in the woods, much like Grandma's house in The Little Red Riding Hood.

My favorite feature of the house is the stone fireplace. When I look at it, I can almost feel the cool smoothness of the stones. It is hard to believe Grazhina created the chimney stones from scrap plywood!

To read the full story behind the creation of Miss Frobisher's Cottage, visit:

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Baron's Study

In my travels through the Flickr site, I came across the most talented Grazhina, the one who created this wonderful roombox! So, with her permission, I bring to you, The Baron's Study. This room was inspired by some castle interiors, and she tells the story in her website, This Little Old House.

To see this and other amazing creations by Grazhina,
visit her website:

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Miss Mary

Today is the birthday of the latest member of my dollhouse, Miss Mary! She is the quiet lady's companion ~ a bit of a bluestocking ~ though a romantic at heart. She wears her hair in a loose bun, while a cascade of dark curls flows down her back.

Miss Mary has soft dreamy hazel eyes and pink pouting lips. Her earrings and necklace are made of two-toned beads: green that matches her skirt with a hint of garnet. She is dressed in a modest long skirt and a long-sleeved blouse, which matches her shy persona.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Sage & Gold Victorian Cottage

I finished my latest Sage & Gold Victorian Cottage. This is a product of my recent experiments with fabric covered walls. I found this lovely printed calico cotton fabric to line the walls and the attic. The sage green is a perfect complement to the print. Golden scrap-booking stickers add interesting details to the green painted walls. Silk ribbons in sage and cream are inexpensive and easy solutions to chair rail molding and crown molding.

The outside is painted in garnet and wine red, with crisp white door and window casings that stand out. The mahogany stained roof matches the stained mahogany floor inside. I found the cutest golden door knobs with key-holes for both the front and the interior doors. Hand drawn golden details and faux ruby rhinestones on the window shutters add just the right touch of elegance to finish this quaint Victorian cottage!

This dollhouse is on auction on eBay right now. Here is the link:

I hope this cottage becomes a Valentine's Day gift for someone special!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Victorian Ladies

I came across this wonderful lot of 6" dolls on eBay, and wanted to share the auction with you. They are poseable and dressed in gorgeous beribboned and bowed silk Victorian costumes. I love the dresses ... the bonnets, the rosettes and plumes in their hair! They even have tiny white lace-trimmed petticoats and pantalets! How cute is that!

eBay link:

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Featured Artist: Kathi Mendenhall

What a small world we live in! I received a darling note from Kathi Mendenhall congratulating me upon the birth of Lizzy. And therein lay the surprise ~ she is the one who dressed the Regency Lady featured on January 5th on this very blog! The photo below is one of her latest creations. Here is her note:


I enjoyed looking at your blogspot today. Very nice. And your first sculpture was wonderful. I have very cold feet about even diving into to sculpting. But this is the year to try it.

I was amazed when I scrolled down to find the Elizabeth Bennett from "Pride and Prejudice" on your site. Did you know that I dressed that doll? Kate Forrest painted her for the kit, I dressed her and did the pattern, La Petite Belle 5007, and she is still currently at home with me. I am very pleased that you like her. I have loved Jane Austen books forever. I have so many versions, follow-ons and movies it is really crazy.

Your work is wonderful.
Kathi Mendenhall, IGMA Artisan