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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Explorer's Study by suedsimpson

Continuing in the spirit of exploration, let us visit the Explorer's Study by my friend Sue from Garstang, UK. The telescope and butterfly display case are extra special because they are gifts from her dear husband Neil. Basking in the toasty warmth of the fireplace is a black labrador, much like Sue's very own Cassie. Sue, did you know I had a German Shepherd named Cassie too?

Her webshots gallery is a veritable treasure chest of magnificent minis! It is the best place to go for project ideas, especially since she shows the different stages involved in the making of many of her projects. To read the stories behind each of her creations, visit suedsimpson's home on!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Book Room by Lenor Johnson

Here are a few photos from another one of Lenor Johnson's signature masterpieces. As I had mentioned earlier with the Devonian Fossil Collection by Wendy Smale and the Cabinet of Curiosity by Patricia Paul, I have a special place in my heart for exotic and unusual miniatures, especially with an "exploration" or "old world" theme ... and this Book Room would be the epitome of what I like!

Featured Artist: Lenor Johnson

Last week, I had the great pleasure of meeting artist Lenor Johnson: the creator of this and other incomparable specimens of miniature dollhouse sceneries. It was a chance meeting, and a very fortunate one for me! I had posted a message on the Smallstuff Digest about my French Country Cottage, asking for feedback from my fellow miniature-lovers. That is when Ms. Johnson sent me a very heart-warming email congratulating me, and sending me these photos of her own favorite cottage. Coming from an artist who has been creating miniatures since the 70's, her commendations were both encouraging and flattering!

So, with her generous permission, I would like to share with you, the photos of the Cottage by Lenor Johnson.

Lenor Johnson: Some More Minis

My friend Zeema came over last week, and I had to show her the photos of the Cottage. What had her amazed was the level of details: from the dust in the carpet to the photos beside the unmade bed! She said, it seems like a little pixie lives in the house.

Myself, I liked the aged and used look of the furniture. So, here are some more of the wonderful furniture, from the heart of Lenor Johnson to us, to enjoy!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Tudor Facade by Kellie Wachter

Dear Sumaiya,

Today I finished the Tudor Facade. I decided not to go with a bare tree and I think it was the right decision. I also decided to take a major chance and speckle the whole thing with fine white paint to get the effect of a snow storm I think it worked beautifully! What do you think?


Well, Kellie! I am speechless ... which is rare indeed!
~ Sumaiya

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tudor Facade by Kellie Wachter

Dear Sumaiya,

Here are the photos as promised. The Tudor facade is inching along. I still need to add the landscaping, but I think you get the idea where this is going. Some snow and foliage should finish it off nicely.


Monday, December 11, 2006

My French Country Cottage

Welcome to my French Country Cottage! I finally finished working on it last night, and couldn't wait to post photos on my blog to share with you!

For this house, Shah and I chose a cooler color palette, which is very different from the warm colors we favored for the last few dollhouses. We were inspired by Debbie Travis' Painted House on HGTV.

Our inspiration for the color palette came from a fabric we bought. Instead of using wallpaper, we decided to experiment with fabric on the walls; the results were brilliant beyond our expectations! I decided to leave most of the divider wall white, and paint the door a baby blue to add a hint of playful informality. Above the main door is an intricately curved wooden detail that I painted in white and blue, and then distressed slightly to lend an aged look.

To match the bright and sunny mood of the country cottage, I stained the floor with light oak glossy finish varnish. Instead of electrifying this dollhouse, I chose to put simple wall sconces for candles in each room, to remain true to the rustic simplicity of the house.

I had the most fun decorating the front porch! I added a similar wooden curved panel above the front entrance, but this one is stained in light oak and stands out against the darker gray-blue wall color. The porch has mosaic done in white and gray tiles. The foundation is covered in stones and moss.

On both sides of the house, there are two trees with pink and yellow blossoms. The gnarly moss covered roots and the scraggly branches transport this quaint country cottage to a lazy summer's day in France.

This house is being auctioned right now on ebay. The link:

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Christmas in Poland

My Oriental Resthouse is off to Poland right now! It is going to the home of Joanna and her darling daughter Julia as a Christmas surprise. Please pray for the house that it reaches them safe and sound in time for Christmas!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

144th Scale Farmhouse by Terri

These are photos of a 144th Scale Farmhouse by my friend Terri. She made it for her mother ~ simply too sweet! She writes:

Here are 3 pictures of the 144th scale farmhouse I made for my Mom. This is my first attempt at doing this scale. I wallpapered most of the rooms and stained the floors. The landscaping was lots of fun. I hope these arrive and that you can see the pictures clearly.

Hugs, Terri

You know what Terri? Landscaping is the most fun part for me too! Flowers and plants are just what gives life to a dollhouse!

Mini Animal Tutorial by Kerri Pajutee

Want to learn how to make this miniature dog?

Visit the wonderful website of artist Kerri Pajutee
where she describes her favorite technique of
creating the most realistic animal fur!


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tudor Facade by Kellie Wachter

Dear Sumaiya,

Here are the the window and door against the unfinished paperclay bricks. I am not sure on the the placement of the lamp may not stay there...Its still a work in progress as you can plainly see.

Here are the two main elements of my Tudor Facade. I didn't want to recreate an entire facade, just a snapshot, a small section of a bigger whole. I am intrigued with lit windows at night and wanted to create something that evoked the warmth and coziness of being inside, out of the cold. We'll see how it turns out!