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Hi, I am Sumaiya Mehreen and you are welcome to my Dollhouse. Here you will find some of the dollhouse miniatures that catch my fancy! Feel free to email me at if you want me to showcase YOUR favorite dollhouse on this blog!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Art Studio Minis ~ Marquis Miniatures

Today I received a wonderful email from Keith Marquis of Marquis Miniatures, and immediately fell in love with their line of artist's studio miniatures. I spent a good part of my morning pouring over the photos he shared with me, admiring the meticulous attention to details. From the tiniest ring of paint left on the sink to the paint-stained rug draped over the box of art supplies ... it truly seems like the workshop of elves who come out at night to paint.

For more minis by Keith and Jill Marquis, visit:

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Poppy's Cottage at Lessor Dixter ~ Melissa Chaple

Poppy's Cottage at Lessor Dixter was completed in February of 2009 and will join the permanent collection in the Fantasy Forest of The Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville, Kentucky. To read the enchanting stories behind the creation of Ms. Chaple's fairy dwellings, visit her new website The Enchanted Woodland Faery Dollhouse Co. at