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Monday, November 27, 2006

Mini Manor by Andrea Renee

The Mini Manor and the Mini Halloween Scene were my favorites on Andrea's site. I love the whimsy of the different colors and textures used inside the house, and the mini grave is scary enough to terrify any of my dolls!

Andrea Renee's website:

Babies and Teddy Bears

These precious little sculptures are by my very new friend, Andrea Renee, who I met through the Smallstuff Digest group. She describes herself as "a polymer clay, air dry clay and paper miniaturist and sculptor" who, in her words, loves to give others her "mini fever!" She makes one-of-a-kind Babies and Animals as well as the occasional art doll or fairy.

Want to see more of her work? Visit:

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My Lafayette House Makeover

Remember the Lafayette Dollhouse I got at the beginning of the month? It was featured as My Lafayette Dollhouse. I had promised you photos once I am done with the makeover. So, here it is, my Oriental Lafayette!

As beautiful as it was to begin with, I decided to have some fun decoring the house. I began by painting the outside in lovely buttercream and dark chocolate. I used gold paint to accent some of the trims. I finished the outside with terra cotta roof tiles.

The inside took a little longer to complete. I usually finish the wallpaper before assembling the house. Since this house came already assembled, I had to be really careful about trimming the wallpaper around the intricate window frames. Since the floor was stained in places, I decided varnish would draw attention to the flaws. So I covered the floor in burgandy carpet.

Then came the most fun part -- making the dollhouse a custom SMehreen piece! I added stones all around the foundation, and filled the gaps with moss. There is grass all around the border above the foundation. Don't you just love the basement windows peeking through the stones?

Like all of my dollhouses, my Lafayette had to have flowers and plants! Since one side already has the gorgeous bay window, I covered the other wall with tall blooming greenery. To give the house its Oriental flare, the trims, windows and door are detailed in ruby rhinestones and hand embellished faux stonework details. Now tell me, how do you like the transformation?

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Caitlin's Dollhouse by Katherine

This dollhouse was built by Katherine Johnson for her daughter Caitlin for her birthday. This enchanting house has brought this family many a joyful memory, and is now ready to be passed on to a different family. I am tempted beyond words to have the house all to myself, but will have to satisfy myself by showcasing it on my blog!

Two of my very favorite features of the house are the gazebo and the white swing on the porch. I always wanted a white swing set, for my real house. I am a book-worm, and I have to tell you, try reading your favorite book out on the swing on a sunny spring day! It is heaven! And the gazebo is the most perfect place to have tea with your friends, or stay out at night looking at the stars!

Let me introduce you to the family. There is Mama and Baby in the bedroom. Papa is in the living room. Little Sis is in her pretty little bedroom. Nanny is in the dining room, and Cook is getting dinner ready. And then there are the pet bunnies, the dogs and the hen with her chicks!

The furniture and the family is included when you buy the house. I love the lights and the furniture, especially the curio in the dining room and the chair in the little girl's room. I just put a few of my favorite photos here. If you want to see more photos, visit Katherine's website at:

Sunday, November 19, 2006

FortWorth Train Show 2006

Last weekend, my friend Tanveer Ahmed and I went to the FortWorth Train Show. Tanveer is a big miniature train fanatic, and never misses the annual train shows. This was my first time at a train show. While he coveted the HO-scale engines, I stood lost for words admiring the miniature scenery. Here are some photos taken by Tanveer.

Good Night Little Princess!

Last night was her first night at our house. We cuddled her up in a blanket and held her until her eyes got all droopy. She looked so precious sitting up trying to stay awake, that I had to take a picture!

Cathy's Pick: Miniature Santa's Workshop

My dearest friend Cathy has sent me the link to this lovely Christmas Dollhouse that is on auction on ebay right now. This is a one of a kind creation by Gina Pierre. The Santa figurine is a Hallmark Collectable from the 80's. There is so much detail packed in this mini fun house, that I will leave it to the pictures to tell you the story!

Butterfly Lights in the Nepalese Resthouse

I can't help myself! Whenever I feel like the Nepalese Dollhouse could not be any more perfect, I find something more exquisite to do with it! I am losing sleep over the new butterfly light fixture that I put in last week. I had to take photos and post them on my blog so that I could show it off! By the way, the Nepalese Dollhouse is on auction now on ebay.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

My Country Kitchen Set

If you haven't noticed already -- I love dollhouse furniture! What I love even more is to set them up inside my dollhouse and to take pictures of them to share with you!

I bought this sage & oak country kitchen set today. I adore the tiny spice compartments in the cabinet, and the ample storage space. It is not as big as my other kitchen sets, which makes it perfect for smaller dollhouse kitchens. The color and the design give a cozy feel to my country kitchen. It is a welcoming space where the children can come in for their lemonade, after playing all evening in the sunny backyard!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dollhouse by Elke

This was my favorite Christmas house being auctioned by elkenone on ebay. This beautiful miniature dollhouse was created by Elke. The entire house is created around a Christmas theme. There are children playing in the snow. Lighted reindeer are pulling Santa's sleigh. The house has four rooms, all completely furnished and decorated for Christmas. Living room has a lighted fireplace and lighted candle sticks on the mantle. All rooms have hand crocheted rugs, doilies, flower arangements. There is a lighted Christmas tree and nativity scene in the living room. Gifts and presents and scattered throughout. All rooms have working lights and are completely wallpapered with Christmas themes. All the outside trees are decorated with lights as well. The roof eves are lined with icicles.